We came in Monday morning to see that our Main Server (MOTHER) was off-line. MOTHER contains just over a Terabyte of DATA. So we began the process of downloading from backup. We are 100% daily backup and the process gets used once and a while for projects that get overwritten, but we never had to restore a Terabyte of DATA. As you can imagine, the download of that much DATA took 24 hours, then it needed to be extracted and unencrypted. Each of those processes takes another 24 hours. So by Thursday we were back running as usual.  In the meantime on Monday through Wednesday everyone that was not part of the Backup team, modeled from what projects they had on their workstations.  The CadRender machine kept running even though we did not have all our parts.  The point is, this is going to happen from time to time at all computer intensive companies and it is about how you handle it. We have recovered 100% and we are a little behind but will be caught up soon.

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